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A Few Tips for the Wholesale of Gaming Chairs

Whether it is an e-sports hall or an Internet cafe, gaming chairs are now popular as the standard configuration. A good gaming chair can not only enhance the gaming atmosphere of the e-sports hall but also improve the evaluation of customers.

Tips for the gaming chair

1. Check the fabric and surface material of the gaming chair: Leather includes imitation leather, eco-friendly leather, western leather, microfiber leather, and PU leather. No matter what kind of leather, it must have a hand feeling, clear texture, bright and fresh color. Good leather is wear-resistant and durable, and will not discolor.

2. Base of the gaming chair: For the base of the gaming chair design, you can consider electroplating five-star feet or aluminum alloy five-star feet. For electroplating five-star feet, pay attention to the electroplating quality and for aluminum alloy five-star feet, pay attention to the polishing quality.

3. Lifting air rod: It is recommended to use an electroplated air rod. It is not easy to leak air during use, has a long service life, and looks like stainless steel. It is particularly high-end and durable and can be rotated and raised at will.

4. Wheels: It is also known as universal wheels. These are the most commonly used wheels for gaming chairs. There are two types of universal wheels, namely insert wheels and screw wheels. They are stable and not easy to generate noise, and have a firm structure, which is durable.

5. The inner frame: It should be a frame that is resistant to oxidation, corrosion, humidity, and heat, and has high stability. This kind of frame is generally an electroplated tube. The iron-sprayed tube of this kind of tube wall is more durable and not easy to rust.

6. Sponge: Sponge is very important. This is related to the comfort of the gaming chair. Usually, if the precision of the sponge is 33, it is a suitable sponge for cushion. If the precision is too high, it will be hard to sit on. Of course, the precision should not be too low because the durability will be not good, and the user will sink in after a long time. And by no means choose the recycled cotton.

7. Armrests: In the process of the wholesale of gaming chairs, pay attention to whether the armrests of gaming chairs are PP or PU, which affects comfort, and whether the armrests have 2D or 3D functions.