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Why Should Gaming LED Chair Be Equipped with Explosion-proof Board?

The reason why gaming LED chairs have explosion-proof panels is that when observing or buying gaming LED chairs, you may notice that many brands of gaming LED chairs are equipped with explosion-proof boards under the cushions. Do you know why gaming LED chairs need explosion-proof panels? Is it really necessary to use explosion-proof panels for gaming LED chairs?

In fact, there are two main reasons why gaming LED chairs are equipped with explosion-proof panels. One is to dispel the concerns of users, the other is to enhance the safety of gaming LED chairs.

1. Gaming LED chairs are equipped with explosion-proof panels to dispel the concerns of users

It can be said that with so many reports of air lift chair explosions, many consumers are afraid of an explosion when they choose air lift chairs. For the sake of safety, many people have given up using air lift chairs.

Therefore, many e-sports manufacturers, in order to dispel consumers' worries about using gaming LED chairs, install explosion-proof panels under the cushions of gaming chairs light up.

2. Gaming LED chairs are equipped with explosion-proof panels to enhance the safety of gaming LED chairs

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Due to the uneven quality of the pneumatic lifting chairs on the market, for example, some unscrupulous manufacturers cut corners from the pneumatic rods in order to save costs, such as decreased thickness, insufficient materials, poor airtightness, and replacement of nitrogen with oxygen, which may easily cause explosions, even combustion, thus threatening the life safety of users.

Therefore, in order to prevent accidents, in addition to the quality of the air pressure bar, some high-end brand gaming chair manufacturers will equip explosion-proof steel plates under the cushion during the production process to avoid direct impact on the human body after the explosion, playing a role as buffer.

It can be seen that it is still necessary for gaming LED chairs to install explosion-proof panels, which can protect users to a certain extent.

In addition, for the sake of safety, when purchasing gaming chairs, it is recommended to purchase gaming LED chairs from regular brands and pick certified gaming LED chairs. As a double insurance, you should choose an gaming LED chairs with an explosion-proof chassis. The thickness of the chassis is recommended to be 2mm or more.

Always keep in mind when choosing gaming LED chairs, you must take safety and quality as the top principle and choose a suitable and certified gaming LED chair. Don't choose those low-quality gaming LED chairs from other brands in order to save costs. The well-known gaming chairs are more secure.