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The Material and the Price of Wooden Dining Room Table

The dining table is the main place for a family to eat, and it is also an important place for home decoration. When you are decorating, in addition to external performance, you should also pay attention to choosing some substantial decorative products, and the wooden dining room table is essential. When making decisions, you should know if the wooden dining room table has good material. Also, you should know the price of the wooden dining room table.

1. What type of wood is good for a wooden dining room table?

(1) Amboyna wood: It has a good luster, straight texture and thick structure. Also, it has obvious and uniform growth rings. It is a soft material, which is easy to dry. In addition, it has good processing performance, beautiful material color and pattern as well as good paint and bonding performance. Besides, it is not easy to split and it has good corrosion resistance. However, the wooden dining room table made of amboyna wood often has disadvantages such as weaknesses.

(2) Elm wood: It is a type of hardwood, which is close to Fraxinus mandshurica. In general, the timber production period is more than 40-60 years to hundreds of years. It has rough textures and is often used to make generous solid wood furniture.

(3) Betula wood: It has slightly obvious growth rings as well as straight and obvious textures. Also, it has a delicate, soft and smooth material structure and soft or moderate textures. Betula wood is elastic and it is average quality wood. Both solid wood and veneer wood are common.

(4) Chinese fir wood: It has a light and soft material, and it is easy to dry. It has small shrinkage without warping crack. Also, it has good durability, which is easy to process. Besides, it has a slightly thick-cut surface with medium strength, which is easy to split. And it has good bonding performance. It is the most common average quality wood for the wooden dining room table and decoration.

(5) Juglans mandshurica wood: It is shiny with straight or oblique textures, and it has a slightly thick structure. It has a low drying speed, but it is not easy to warp. Also, it has good toughness, which is easy to process, and its cutting surface is smooth. In addition, it has good performance in bending, painting and bonding, and strong nail force.

The other type is the faux wooden dining room table, which looks like a solid wood table. The natural texture, feel and color of the wood material are the same as the solid wood table and chair. However, it is mixed with solid wood and faux wood, the side panels, top and bottom shelves as well as other components are made of thin wood veneer particleboard or medium-density fiberboard.

2. The price of the wooden dining room table

(1) The beech wood has clear and uniform textures, as well as soft and smooth colors. It is heavier and harder than most normal hardwoods.

However, the price of a red beech table is expensive with the price ranging from $480 to $780, and the price of the dining chair ranges from $75 to $95.

Compared with normal beech woods such as the yellow beech wood and Fagus wood, the red beech is more reddish in color, gorgeous and luxurious. Also, it is extremely hard and loved by people worldwide. It is the main material for furniture in the high-end market.

(2) The elm wooden dining room table is favoured by people due to its natural and straight textures, tough material and comfortable feel. In addition, the unique and natural color and charm represent a type of style and culture.

Therefore, high-end elm dining tables are also expensive with the price ranging from $550 to $700, and dining chairs are between $85 and $95. In general, the elm dining table with beautiful shape, excellent material and exquisite workmanship is worth collecting.

All types of wood have their advantages so that they can attract different fans. After reviewing, you should pay attention to maintenance in the process. There is no defined price but price differences for the wooden dining room table due to various brands.