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Appropriate Size of Furniture is Necessary for Healthy Life

Every day people go back home from getting off work and lie on the sofa for rest, but they find that their legs cannot be stretched out properly. That's because the size of the furniture is not right! When buying furniture, the main concern is whether it looks good or not, but the size of the furniture is often ignored. The size of the furniture is related to whether your house layout is reasonable, whether it is convenient for your life. If the size is not appropriate, it will affect your health. So what is the right size for furniture?

The size of furniture

1. Sofa

The sofa is used to meet people's needs for relaxation and rest, so comfort is the most important. The back of the chair should be 85 to 90cm. Because with a chair of this height, you can put the head completely on the backrest and let the neck fully relax.

2. Dining table

The scientific height of the dining table is about 73cm to 76cm.

3. Desk and chair

According to the height of a normal person in China, the metal frame office desk height should be 75 to 80cm, the length should be greater than 90cm, the seat height should be 40 to 50cm, and the seat width should not be less than 38cm.

4. Bed

It is appropriate for the height of the bed to be at the knees (45 to 50cm) of the human body. When we are sitting on the bed, the legs should be able to touch the ground and the side of the bed should not apply pressure on the thigh muscles.

5. TV cabinet

When we are sitting on a TV cabinet of an appropriate height, the line of sight should be exactly in the center of the TV screen. Take sitting on a sofa and watching TV as an example: the height of the sitting surface is 40 cm, the height from the sitting surface to the eye is usually 66 cm, and the total height is 106 cm. This is the height of the line of sight and is also used to measure whether the height of the TV cabinet is in line with the requirements on health. 

Summary on the size of furniture

After reading these furniture size standards, you should hurry up and measure whether the size of your furniture is within this standard range. If you find that the size is not appropriate, you must adjust it in time to avoid affecting your health.