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Compact lounge chair outdoor recliner: A recliner with a triangular locking system that can be locked into different positions for sitting up, lying down, or lying down. Ergonomically designed to reduce muscle tension and stress.

Big lounge chair outdoor is turdy and comfortable, the outdoor recliner measures 75 x 23.2 x 13.3 inches and fits up to 6.2 feet. Package size :29.9 x 5. 9 x 23.6 inches and weighs 14.1 pounds. Three fold design, easy to store and carry. High back lounge chair outdoor is made from anodized steel and durable 600D Oxford cloth, suspended by a dual elastic system, foot covers and pads make it slip resistant on hard surfaces. Heavy steel frame can support up to 120 kg /264 LBS.

How to choose a suitable compact outdoor lounge chair

1. Personal experience: try to sit in person to understand the comfort of the compact outdoor lounge chair, each angle should be changed, determined before buying.

2. Welding of compact outdoor lounge chair: if the folding chair is a steel frame structure, we should pay attention to the welding place to be smooth, no gap, the coating should look uniform and soft.

3. The firmness of compact outdoor lounge chair: look at the overall quality of the frame, you can use both hands to shake the product around, firmly indicating that the frame is good.

4. The quality of compact lounge chair outdoor cloth: the fingertips of both hands are pinched and pulled upward, which makes it feel strong, and the ones with good recovery are the first-class products.

The intersection of two crossed pipes on the outdoor lounge chair design bracket is reinforced with reinforced plastic parts, which is safe to use. Big lounge chair outdoor can put water cups or other small objects inside, which is practical, using Oxford cloth to make cushions and backrest, smooth sewing stitches, high grade and comfortable visual effects.

Outdoor lounge chair design

This recliner is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for beach, terrace, pool, lawn, garden, deck, office nap, bedroom, balcony, or as a temporary bed for guests. Sitting in a compact outdoor lounge chair, relax in the backyard, sunbathe or listen to the waves on the beach.

[Quick Open folding] No tools! Fold everything up and you're done. You only need a few seconds. When adjusting the position, check whether the rear bracket is stuck in the slot.

【 Outdoor lounge chair design with removable pillow storage bag 】 Wide pillow is adjustable and can be completely disassembled. It can be used as head pillow, waist support or other support purposes. 3 in 1 storage bag for cell phone, keys, water bottle, toys, earplugs and more. It is easy to clean and provides a more comfortable experience.


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Features Of Outdoor Lounge Chair

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Are Outdoor Lounge Chair Better?

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