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What is the Difference Between Leather Office Chair and Mesh Office Chair?

The office chair is indispensable in our lives, whether in the company or at home, it can help us maintain the correct sitting posture, thereby ensuring our work efficiency and physical health.

However, there are many kinds of office chairs on the market. According to different materials, there are mesh office chairs and leather office chairs. So, when choosing an office chair, which material is better?

1. Leather office chairs are easier to clean and maintain than mesh office chairs

Compared with mesh office chairs, leather office chairs are characterized by their convenience in cleaning and maintenance, especially for the sofa chairs made of animal leather and PU leather made of polyurethane. They only need to be gently cleaned with a wet towel, the dirt can be removed easily.

The cleaning of the high back mesh office chair black requires the use of a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust. Therefore, the cleaning of the leather office chair is simpler and more convenient.

2. Leather office chairs are less deformed than mesh office chairs

Because the leather material of the leather office chair is soft and elastic, it is not easily deformed during use. Compared with the easily deformed mesh office chair, it is more durable and strong. Leather computer chairs like residential furniture are made of high-quality cowhide, which is more tough, more durable, and won't deform.

3. Leather office chairs dissipate heat faster than mesh office chairs

Although the leather office chair absorbs heat, it has excellent heat dissipation. You can dissipate the heat with just a few taps with your hand. When you sit down, you can obviously feel that it is not so hot. Compared with mesh office chairs, it has better heat dissipation and better comfort. Zhejiang Anji Hengchang Chair Industry Co., Ltd is a professional home office furniture manufacturer of high-quality furniture with professional technology. For more than 20 years, the company has been producing chairs all over the world and has obtained more than 60 patents. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult.

4. Leather office chairs are more regal and noble than mesh office chairs

The leather office chair also has the characteristic of being composed and regal. It looks higher than the ordinary mesh office chair, because the artificial PU leather fabric or leather fabric of the leather office chair has characteristics of smooth, delicate and clear texture, soft color and uniform thickness, fine and dense pores, so the leather office chair looks more elegant and shiny, noble and regal. Whether it is placed in the office or at home, it can add elegance to the room.