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Dining Chair
1. According to the material of the dining chair, it is divided into a solid wood chair, steel wood chair, bentwood chair, aluminum alloy chair, metal chair, wicker chair, plastic chair, fiberglass chair, acrylic chair, board chair, mixed wooden chair, baby dining chair and Armchairs and so on. 2. According to the purpose of the dining chair, it is divided into a Chinese dining chair, western dining chair, coffee chair, fast food chair, bar chair, office chair, etc. The design is simple and stylish, the shape is classic, comfortable and warm, without losing the sense of modern fashion, the chair with armrests and without armrests The unique and graceful armrest design with curved lines gives people a soft and comfortable overall feeling, yet it also feels luxurious and luxurious. It can be matched with a variety of modern-style dining tables.

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Is Expensive Dining Chair Worth It?

Is Expensive Dining Chair Worth It?

I do not recommend using plastic dining chairs, of course, if he has quality testing, this will not be a problem. So please buy chairs to the formal store, our door production of dining chairs have ISO9001 and ISO14001 report certificate, we have a lot of kinds of dining chairs for you to choose, depending on your decoration style.

Why Choose Hengchang Dining Chair?

We are a professional factory, for more than 20 years we are engaged in the production of furniture, we have advanced equipment, professional design team, we can customize your chair, it can have your idea. At the same time, the materials we use are safe and of high quality. Our price is very reasonable and we can also provide after-sales service.

Why Choose Hengchang Dining Chair?

FAQs Of Dining Chair


How To Choose Dining Chair?


First of all, the group can eat together with adults at the table. And they can be used separately. Separate desks and chairs can accompany children throughout their childhood, where they can do handwork, play, do homework and so on. Choose the dining chair of solid wood, the dining chair of solid wood wants contestant feeling good, of environmental protection paint, had better be dinner plate also is wood, decorate a style to keep consistent as far as possible with the family. It is best to choose adjustable height, free control according to the baby's height, so that the baby can eat at the most appropriate height. Can adjust the back, so that the baby before and after the extension freely. Choose a seat with protective measures, in the selection is to pay attention to the quality of the dining chair cushion and straddled belt, and ensure that the child sits on the dining chair, feet on the ground sliding back and forth, can not stand up.


Which Type Of Dining Chair Is Best?


1. eat chair first heavy comfortable, its height should match the height of the table and the height of the user. Usually, the distance between the sitting surface of the chair and the surface of the table is 28-30 cm; To facilitate access, the seating area should be at least 17 cm away from the bottom of the table. In general, the right height for sitting in a chair is if you can rest your arms comfortably on the table without feeling your shoulders rise.

2. The size of the dining chair depends on the size of the dining room space. If the space is large enough, it is appropriate to use a large armchair; And a small eat chair suits a small space quiet.

3. In addition to the collocation of dining chairs and tables, consumers should pay special attention to whether the line of the back of the chair is beautiful, smooth, and safe when choosing; These several points can view through the eye, try to sit to inspect if eat chair can fold receive will be a better choice.

4. When choosing chairs, pay attention to the materials and stitching methods. Generally speaking, the traditional mortise and tenon structure is relatively firm. With respect to material qualitative character, the eat chair of the lumber such as the wood of use elm, Ju is firmer. In addition, to try to sit to feel whether the chair wobble, stable instability, but also by observing the chair leg has no scar section and crack repair traces to judge, eat chair leg and supporting parts can not be used with scar section and crack material, otherwise, it will seriously affect the service life.

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