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Instructions for Purchasing, Cleaning And Maintenance of Wooden Dining Chairs

A dining chair is used for sitting in a restaurant. When purchasing a dining chair, the style and size can be selected according to the owner's preferences and the size of the space in the restaurant. Reasonable cleaning and maintenance of the dining chair can keep it new, and the service life will be greatly improved.

1. The purchase instructions of the dining chair

The dining chair is a seat when eating, so the comfortable degree should be carefully considered. When purchasing, you can sit on the dining chair and feel it, and it is best to place your arms on the table.  

The dining chair is also one of the most frequently used furniture. Therefore, its firmness is very important. Usually, we have to check the materials and connections of the dining chair. For example, the solid wood dining chair has very good robustness because it has the traditional tenon-and-mortise structure.

The design of the dining chair should follow the principle of ergonomics since a reasonable design can make people feel relaxed and comfortable when sitting on it.

Finally, you should check if the four legs of the dining chair are flat by putting it on a flat floor. At the same time, you should carefully observe whether there are paint cracks at the interface of the chair. The legs of wooden dining chairs should not have cracks. These will affect the service life of the dining chair.

2. The cleaning instructions of the dining chair

The dining chair material has oil stains easily in daily life. You should buy a suitable chair cover to protect the dining chair from the harm of oil stains, which is easy to clean and well protects the dining chair.

In a special environment like a restaurant, the dining chair should be cleaned frequently. When cleaning, try to avoid water. If it is stained with oil, you can choose to wipe it with a slightly damp soft cloth dampened with a little neutral detergent, and then wipe it with a clean soft cloth several times.

If the detailed places of the dining chair are dirty, you can use a small brush first and then a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

3. The maintenance instructions of the dining chair

When cleaning a plastic dining chairs, please do not wipe it with boiling water and an alkaline solvent.  This will easily cause damage and deformation of the plastic layer on the surface of the dining chair, which will lead to safety hazards. The dirty surface of the plastic dining chair can be cleaned with washing powder.

When cleaning wooden dining chairs in daily life, you only need to wipe the dust on the surface with a clean soft cloth. For local scratches, you can repair it with a similar color dye and then apply a layer of gloss wax.

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