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Four Differences Between the Gaming Chair Ergonomic Pu and Regular Gaming LED Chairs

It can be said that the 21st century is not only the Internet era, but also the peak era of technological development. With the development of science and technology of the times, gaming LED chairs have also begun to usher in innovations constantly, with the commonly used products such as gaming chair ergonomic PU. So, here comes the question, do you know: is there any difference between this derivative of gaming LED chair, the ergonomic gaming LED chair and a traditional gaming LED chair?

In fact, the gaming chair ergonomic PU and general gaming LED chairs belong to the same category of gaming LED chairs. Among them, the ergonomic gaming LED chair, as the name suggests, is a type of gaming LED chair that adopts ergonomic design, which enables people to sit comfortably.

Ordinary gaming LED chairs are only suitable for people to sit on, for daily use or surfing the Internet. It can be seen that these two different types of gaming LED chairs are mainly divided according to different functions. So, if you want to talk about the difference between "gaming chair ergonomic PU" and general gaming LED chairs, let's start from the functions of these two. For example:

1. The gaming chair ergonomic PU is different from the general gaming LED chair in terms of the headrest design

Most of the traditional ordinary gaming LED chairs do not have headrests. Although a small number of those have headrests, they are fixed.

The gaming chair ergonomic PU not only has a headrest that can support the neck, but the headrest of the gaming LED chair is also adjustable, which can be adjusted to a suitable height according to the actual situation of the user, thereby providing a comfortable point.

2. The gaming chair ergonomic PU is different from the general gaming LED chair in terms of armrest function

The armrest design of the gaming chair ergonomic PU is multifunctional. For example, the multi-level lifting function can keep the hands and body in a good position with the ground and computer desk;

The armrest of the general gaming LED chair is fixed. To a certain extent, the human body needs to adapt to the armrest. It is not surprising that the hand is tired and sore after a long time.

3. The gaming chair ergonomic PU is different from the general gaming LED chair in terms of the cushion material

The cushion material of ordinary gaming LED chairs is usually ordinary sponge or cotton, which causes the discomfort because users feel sultry and hot after sitting for long periods of time.

However, ergonomic chairs mostly choose high-elasticity polyurethane sponge or other non-deformable fillers in the selection of materials of seat cushion, which are not only skin-friendly and breathable, but also provide a comfortable sitting feeling.

4. The gaming chair ergonomic PU is different from the general gaming LED chair in terms of the back structure

It seems that there is no difference in the back structure between the two, but if you feel it carefully, you can feel the big difference: the structure of the general gaming chairs that light up is not designed with ergonomics, but only provides basic needs of users.

The gaming chair ergonomic PU adopts ergonomic design. The design structure of the chair body conforms to the S-shaped curve of our human spine, which can provide a comfortable sitting feeling and relieve the fatigue caused by prolonged sitting.

On the whole, the headrest position of the gaming chair ergonomic PU is movable and adjustable. At the same time, the S-shaped seat back, multifunctional armrests and comfortable seat cushions support the body, which can relieve the discomfort of prolonged sitting.

On the contrary, the back part of the gaming LED chair is basically fixed, which limits the use of the user, and the airtight cushion material of the ordinary gaming LED chair will cause a feeling of stuffiness after users sit on it for a long time.