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Office Furniture Repair Skills and Color Matching

Ⅰ. What are the office furniture repair skills?

Office furniture is widely used in our daily life, so do you know what are the office furniture repair techniques?

1. Scratches: If the paint surface of the office furniture is scratched and the wood under the paint is not touched, you can use the same color crayons or pigments as the office furniture to modify the wound surface of the office furniture to cover the exposed background color, and then paint with transparent nail polish. 

2. Burn marks: fireworks or unextinguished matches leave scorch marks on the lacquer surface of office furniture or the lacquer surface is roasted. You can wrap a fine-grained hard cloth on the toothpick, wipe the marks lightly, and then apply a layer of nail polish.

3. Scalding marks: white scalding marks are accidentally left on the lacquer surface of office furniture, scrub with a cloth stained with alcohol, toilet water, kerosene or strong tea, or use a cloth dampened with a mixture of soot and lemon juice or salad oil, wipe dry, and wax.

4. Water marks: Cover the marks on the desk with a damp cloth, then press carefully with an electric iron several times, or use salad oil or toothpaste to correct, dry and wax.

Ⅱ. The importance of color matching of office furniture

Office furniture occupies an indispensable position in a corporate office, and the color matching has a subtle influence on employees' mood and office efficiency. We, as a professional and caring home office furniture suppliers, take this into full consideration and therefore offer a diverse range of office furniture Bulk to meet various needs according to different situations.

Different colors can give people different psychological feelings, bright colors will appear youthful vitality, dark colors will appear more mature and stable.

Therefore, when the company is customizing the desk, it can choose the favorite color according to the characteristics of the enterprise, the personality and preferences of the employees, and match it with a rhythmic or natural effect. It is best to bring a positive mood to the employees.

Generally speaking, the color configuration of the office should follow the principle of "big jump, small harmony", and different rooms can choose different color tones.

However, it is best to maintain the overall color harmony with the office furniture. The color of the office furniture has a great relationship with the office space. Generally, the layered sense of the furniture color is used to expand or reduce people's visual space, which is also a way to create a sense of space. 

If you want to make the empty and dull office full of life, you can choose some warm-colored office furniture for some parts, which can make the office space more fulfilling.

For a small office space, light-colored, white or cool-colored furniture products can be used to expand the sense of space in the office area.

Although the styles are ever-changing, the goal pursued is always the same, that is, to create an ecologically high and most suitable office environment, bring a good mood to employees, and improve their office efficiency!