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Custom White Round Coffee Table Bulk For Sale

This round coffee table adds the perfect modern minimalism to any space. The large round table top is nearly 32 inches in diameter and provides plenty of storage space. This table has a stylish steel frame that crosses at the midpoint under the table to add stability and chic appearance. The mix of materials and design gives it a modern industrial feel. Compare with heavy tea table, the frame of open mode lets a space appear lightsome and capacious. Mesa adopts neutral color scheme, simple design, can be combined with a variety of decorative styles. The rounded profile makes it ideal for a coffee table, but can also be used as a large or corner table, or in living rooms or other public areas. The tabletop is made of high quality wood laminated veneer with artificial wood grain. The wood makes the table light and the laminate has the appearance of natural wood with a natural texture. To clean a table top, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and use a mild cleaner if necessary. Table can be assembled at any time, easy assembly.


Custom White Round Coffee Table Design

White Gloss Round Coffee Table
White Oak Coffee Table Round

Why Choose White Round Coffee Table Manufacturer from China?

Features Of white round coffee table

Features Of white round coffee table

Provide sufficient storage space

Simple design, can be matched with various decoration styles

Easy to assemble

Are White Round Coffee Table Better?

We can customize the product according to your needs.

Are White Round Coffee Table Better?

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