Zhejiang Anji Hengchang Chair Industry Co., Ltd.

Quality Inspection

In order to create an excellent corporate brand image, create first-class enterprises and first-class products, in the spirit of "customer first", with the principle of "zero tolerance of quality", we hereby promise as follows:


First, quality system

The company strictly abides by the ISO9001:2008 quality management system and is in accordance with the international advanced standards for product design, development, manufacturing, testing. Product quality control from raw materials to product after-sales, all aspects of the coverage. From the review of the contract to the purchase of raw materials to the factory test of the products, the inspection is carried out layer by layer, and the records are recorded at each layer, and the records are traceable. Adhere to the "zero tolerance of quality", do not let unqualified products into the next process, to ensure that every product factory is 100% test, 100% qualified.


Second, raw material control

The quality of raw materials is the foundation of product quality. Each batch of raw materials are tested in accordance with the standards. For core components, a "zero defect" sampling scheme is adopted, with zero receiving and one retreating. The company established a scientific supplier management system, with high-quality standards for assessment, and constantly increase the import of international and domestic first-class suppliers to ensure the high quality of raw materials.

Third, Product inspection

For each link of the product production, there are full-time inspectors for testing. Each link has adopted a "zero defect" management scheme, unqualified semi-finished products can not enter the next process. From SMT to DIP to the whole machine test, keep the complete test data, timing statistics and analysis. In view of the abnormal situation, rapid response, by professional quality engineer organization to carry out the correction and prevention.

Fourth, customer complaints

Customer complaints and customer needs, the company to ensure that:

Timely handling of customer complaints:100%;

Completed rate of customer complaints:100%;

Customer demand conversion rate:100%.

For customer complaints, the company will respond in time, organize relevant departments and personnel in-depth study, formulate scientific and reasonable corrective measures. For customer needs, will be 100% into the company's product features.

Fifth, continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is one of the most basic characteristics of quality management system requirements. The company regularly discusses the latest technical standards, the latest product model, advanced quality control methods, and combined with the actual situation, constantly improve the design and process, improve quality management, and ultimately continue to improve the level of product quality and service level.

We will strive to improve quality management, improve product quality, and continue to meet customer satisfaction. Hereby promise!


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