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What Wood Material is Best for a Solid Wooden Dining Table?

The solid wooden dining table is a kind of table with a great texture. It is mainly made of solid wood with minimal mixing of other materials, which is one of the favorite products of many modern consumers. The material, shape and type of it are very diverse. Below we will introduce the wood of solid wooden dining table in detail.

Pineapple wooden dining table

Its wood has good luster, straight grain, thick structure, obvious and uniform annual rings, soft and easy-to-dry material, good processing performance, beautiful wood grain, good paint and bonding performance, and good resistance to decay. However, due to its poor nailing force, the furniture made of pineapple wood material often has shortcomings such as instability.

Elm wooden dining table

Hardwood, similar to water elm. It has a growth period of generally 40-60 years or even hundreds of years. Its rough texture is often used to make unrestricted solid wood furniture, reflecting its generous demeanor.

Birch wooden dining table

Its annual rings are slightly visible, with straight and obvious wood grain, fine and soft smooth structure, and moderate softness. Birch wooden dining table is resilient, and it is a mid-range wood material. Both solid wood and wood veneer are common.

Pine wooden dining table

The classic pine wooden dining table has light and soft wood with small shrinkage, good durability, easy processing, coarse cutting surface, medium strength, easy to split, good bonding performance, and is a mid-range wood material commonly used for furniture and decoration in southern provinces in China.

Walnut catalpa wooden dining table

Its wood has luster, straight or oblique grain, slightly rough structure, slow drying speed, but not easy to twist. Its wood toughness is good and easy to process with smooth cutting surface. And it has good bending, painting, and bonding performance, and strong nailing force.

Another type of dining table is imitation solid wood table and chairs. The so-called imitation solid wood table and chairs look like solid wood table and chairs from the appearance, and the natural wood grain, feel and color of the wood are exactly the same as that of solid wood table and chairs. However, it is actually a mix of solid wood and engineered wood, using thin wood veneer of particle board or medium density fiberboard for side panels, tops, bottoms, shelves and other components.

This article introduces the wood of wooden dining table. I hope it will be helpful to you! The wood materials for solid wooden dining tables include: pineapple wood, elm wood, birch wood, pine wood, and walnut catalpa. If you want to know more about solid wooden dining table related information, please pay more attention to our Hengchang Chair Industry. Zhejiang Anji Hengchang Chair Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the production of office furniture. Our principle is to provide our customers with high-standard services and to provide you with furniture products that are as excellent and unique as those produced in developed countries. Our factory uses the best quality raw materials, and under strict control of the production process, we carefully design elegant and ergonomically appropriate furniture products that take into account the comfort of users. Our employees are skilled craftsmen, and we are committed to producing the highest quality products for our customers.