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How to Choose the Size of a Living Room Sofa?

In modern home decoration, compared to bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, the decoration of the living room is very important. The living room is the area where we often move around, relax, entertain friends and relatives. As soon as we enter the door, the living room immediately comes into view, indicating that the decoration design of the living room is very crucial. Speaking of living room decoration, the sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture. Choosing the right sofa can enhance the entire living room.

What Size Is Most Suitable for the Living Room Sofa?

When choosing couches, we need to measure the size of the desired placement area in advance, so that the sofa we choose can fit perfectly. The size of the sofa in the living room should be determined based on different housing types. Let me first introduce small-sized households. Small-sized households generally choose a two-person sofa or a sofa bed. The size of the sofa is usually 2400*900*1400mm because the living room space is small and the size of the sofa should naturally be small.

If the living room space of the family is relatively large and spacious, a sectional sofa is a good choice. A sectional sofa is very suitable for large living rooms and looks very beautiful when placed. The size of the sectional sofa is generally 2050*880*790mm.

For families with large indoor layouts and larger living room areas, there is a wide variety of sofa types and styles on the market nowadays. Many families like modular sofas. Modular sofas have a unique overall appearance and have practicality and stylishness. The size of a modular sofa is generally 1100*1100*1100mm, a double combination sofa is 1900*1100*850mm, and a three-person combination sofa is 2400*1100*850mm.

When Purchasing A Living Room Sofa, Pay Attention to the Quality of the Frame

Hold the entire couches with both hands and shake it back and forth vigorously. If it feels good, it means that the frame is sturdy. Then, discuss with the salesperson and lift a corner of the seat fabric to check. If there is no decay, wormholes, scars, and it is made of smooth and hard miscellaneous wood without bark or wood hair, and the joints between the materials are not nailed but are dovetailed or notched and firmly glued together, then there is no problem.

When Purchasing A Living Room Sofa, Pay Attention to the Quality of the Internal Cushioning Layer

Currently, high-end sofa seats and backs mostly use a cross-web structure with nylon straps and snake springs. They are layered with high-density foam, spray-bonded cotton, and lightweight foam. This type of cushioning layer has good resilience and seating comfort. Mid-range sofas mostly use glue-pressed fiberboard as the seat and back base, with layered medium-density foam and spray-bonded cotton. This type of cushioning layer feels harder and has slightly worse resilience.