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The Maintenance of Office Furniture in Autumn

No matter what the office furniture material is, office furniture needs to be maintained regularly to prolong its service life, especially in autumn, when the humidity is low and the air is dry. So how to maintain office furniture in autumn?

1. Prevent office furniture from generating static electricity

Steel-wood office furniture is generally sprayed with anti-static powder on the surface to prevent static electricity. Most desks are generally board-type and there is no anti-static technology on the surface. Therefore, you should rely on yourself to prevent office furniture from generating static electricity in autumn.

The easiest and most convenient way to eliminate static electricity is to wipe off office furniture with a semi-damp cloth. Usually put a rag on the table. You can wipe wet water in the dry season to effectively remove static electricity and dust on the desktop of office furniture.

The root cause of static electricity is the indoor dry air, so the best way to prevent static electricity is to install a humidifier indoors to effectively adjust the indoor humidity balance, reduce the generation of static particles, and prevent dust, hair, debris, etc. from floating in the air to avoid them sticking to the table.

2. Maintain temperature and humidity to prevent cracking/rusting of office furniture

The humidity and temperature in the office should be kept at a certain value, that is, it should not be too humid or too dry. If the board is too wet, it may swell. For a long time, home and office furniture boards will rot and metal parts will rust; if it is too dry indoor and  temperature is too high, it may cause circuit boards to deform and crack and paint to peel off. Maintaining a certain humidity and temperature in the room is also beneficial to human health.

3. Avoid sudden changes in heat and cold, which may cause deformation of office furniture

Indoor ventilation can get rid of the turbid air in the room, keep the air fresh and refresh the body. However, in autumn, the humidity of the air decreases, and most of the air is dry and cold. This will cause the water in the office furniture material to speed up evaporating.

Problems such as clogging, discoloration, and fiber brittleness may occur. If office storage furniture is affected by the autumn air, then in winter, the extent of impact will definitely be expanded, leading to the quality change of office furniture.

4. The daily cleaning and maintenance of office furniture should be in place

The most important thing in the maintenance of office furniture is to frequently remove dust. The dust that is most likely to accumulate in wooden office furniture not only affects the appearance and beauty of the desk, but also accelerates the aging speed of wooden office furniture.

In the fall, there is less water in the air, a lot of heating in the office, and a lot of water in the panels disappear. When cleaning office furniture, be careful not to scratch the surface of the office furniture.