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About lounge chairs: 1. The materials of the leisure chair include iron, wood, fabric, etc.; the style includes different post-modern, beautiful, light and luxurious, minimalist creativity; 2. Stylish and simple line shape, advanced color matching, very modern atmosphere; 3. Whether the chair is placed in the living room, study, meeting room, or dining room, it can show artistic temperament.

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Lounge Chairs For Different Decoration

Lounge Chairs For Different Decoration

Lounge chair style mainly has modern contracted wind, simple European wind, numerous European wind, Northern European wind, American wind. The personage of youth and doting originality can choose contracted wind deck chair, can increase the lively sense of the bedroom, and do easily; It is the Nordic style with big heat recently next, contracted do not break administrative levels feeling again, suit a youth quite also. Solid wood chair is not suitable for sitting, not suitable for lying, if the feeling of sitting no requirements can choose solid wood, want to sit comfortable or choose a recliner. Reading chairs in the study will certainly be used for a long time, so I suggest buying a better one, such as IMG chaise lounger, which belongs to light luxury wind, red, yellow and color matching is very small and fresh, another color is also very beautiful! Adjustable headrest is very comfortable, of the back of a chair leather is very soft, comfortable very, tie-in the study of simple European, contracted style

Why Choose Hengchang Lounge Chairs?

We are a professional factory, for more than 20 years we are engaged in the production of furniture, we have advanced equipment, a professional design team, we can customize your chair, it can have your idea. At the same time, the materials we use are safe and of high quality. Our price is very reasonable and we can also provide after-sales service.

Why Choose Hengchang Lounge Chairs?

FAQs Of Lounge Chairs


How To Choose Lounge Chairs?


Deck chair gives a person a kind of seem as if they are embraced and comfortable feeling, accord with the human body engineering design of high back holds up the head, neck, back and a cushion for leaning on a footstool or collocation, can release the pressure of the whole body tight, if the body is tall or don't like too much a sense of cladding, can choose without armrest chair design, let the hands and feet can be freer, No matter what posture is used to sit on a deck chair of thick chair face, it is comfortable to sit for a long time without worrying about uncomfortable feelings; If you like a strong sense of sitting, you can choose bamboo shield, rope style, sitting and lying more support and have a warm in winter and cool in summer effect. Easy to sun outdoor deck chair, strong wear resistance, do not fade is a necessary function, especially the humid weather of Taiwan, ultraviolet irradiation and temperature change is more likely to destroy the texture and structure of deck chair, rattan, wood, rope made of a material such as outdoor deck chair, in addition, to conform to the above, choose the bright color style in the outdoors is more comfortable pleasant feelings.


Which Type Of Lounge Chairs Is Best?


Aluminum alloy deck chair by the collocation of aluminum alloy and Rafa Lin cloth is the combination of the most modern and fashion style, the new material to more lightweight, portable, easy to tear open outfit, easy to move as the main features, and promoting minimalism, because of the special nature of the material, so in the process of deck chair design, designers will constantly fixed-line and Angle, make its coordination with the human body to achieve the best effect.

Solid wood deck chair uses the material such as the wood of natural hu fatwood, ash wood, red cherry wood, so the price is different also when you can consult ask all sorts of prices of different material, do not hear the price to feel very expensive, actually, its material decided its price, a penny of goods! The deck chair above can match the cushion, apply to rise more comfortably!

The cane chair aluminum alloy frame and pure manual weaving rattan products, placed in the indoor and outdoor can, do not fear the sun, and not easy deformation, can also according to your customized style, its emergence, break the limitation of the traditional deck chair, had greatly improved, and the style in the pool, the corrosion degree is much better than another deck chair.

The plastic deck chair is concise and easy, get consumer very much love, it uses material of polypropylene environmental protection and passes improve, 100% can recycle use, have high-efficiency environmental protection quality. At the same time, the product also has a special ability to prevent the harsh climate and resist the damage of strong ultraviolet light, long use can still maintain the characteristics of bright color. It also has anti-deformation, impact resistance, the front seat can bear 180kg weight, the chair flat back chair can bear 60kg weight. The chair has 5 levels of adjustment function, which can be adjusted freely on the seat.

The back of most recliners is adjustable and can be adjusted to suit your needs for more comfortable use! When deck chair of choosing and buy, the sales personnel that tells us his design environment certainly, such our ability can recommend the deck chair that suits you for you with all one's strength.


Are Expensive Lounge Chairs Worth It?


I think it is worth buying expensive recliner, the price of good recliner is higher, because it can guarantee your safety, strong support, soft fabric and sponge. This way you will be comfortable when you sit on it and it gives you comfortable rest time.

We are the professional furniture manufacturer you are looking for. 

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