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Custom Black Plastic Bar Stools (chair) Bulk For Sale

The bar stool seat rotates 360° and can be raised and lowered freely to suit people of different heights. The seat is made of high-quality plastic and is easy to clean. And high-quality electroplated metal, bright and wear-resistant, allowing you to place your feet comfortably and sit more comfortably. Safe lifting air rod, durable, long service life, stable metal chassis, very strong and stable, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and durable. There is a rubber ring on the base, which is resistant to abrasion and pressure, which can prevent the floor from scratching, sliding and noise. The assembly is very simple, as long as you follow the instructions, you can quickly and easily complete the assembly. The appearance is simple and stylish, and the colors are colorful. It is very suitable for bars, kitchens, counters, changing rooms and other places that require seating.

Black Plastic Bar Stools (chair)

Custom Black Plastic Bar Stools (chair) Design

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High Stool Chair Plastic
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Why Choose Black Plastic Bar Stools (chair) Manufacturer from China?

Features Of Black Plastic Bar Stools(chair)

Features Of Black Plastic Bar Stools(chair)

360°Swivel; Height Adjustable; Made of durable plastic, the surface is smooth and easy to clean.

Chrome base, touching luxurious modern style.

Base with rubber ring and floor protection.

Are Black Plastic Bar Stools(chair) Better?

We have many colors for you to choose from, there is no limit here. At the same time, it can customize the chair you want according to your needs.

Are Black Plastic Bar Stools(chair) Better?

We are the professional furniture manufacturer you are looking for. 

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