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How to Choose Different Types of Living Room Sofas?

It is impossible to have no sofa in the living room at home. The sofa is very important for receiving guests. The sofa is also a place where people can lie down and rest comfortably.

Therefore, you must pay attention when choosing a sofa. Choose a comfortable and clean living room sofa. You cannot choose a hard sofa that is not suitable for rest. Let's take a look at the coup about how to choose a sofa! Then you can enjoy a better environment in the living room.

1. Fabric sofa

Advantages: leisure and comfort, full of changes, rich colors, moderate price, can be removed and washed.

Disadvantages: The surface fabric is easy to get dirty and difficult to take care of. Although the cover can be removed and cleaned, the color will change. Generally, it will feel old after a few washes, and it will be deformed if it is of poor quality.

2. Rattan sofa

The rattan sofa is mainly made by bending bamboo and rattan. Various patterns are formed through various weaving techniques and skills. In terms of the shape, the crude and rough frame in the past of the sofa has been changed, making it more delicate and beautiful.

Advantages: Rattan is a kind of natural material, which makes the sofa quality is very competitive. It has the advantages of being strong and light, not afraid of squeezing, soft and elastic. The rattan sofa made of it is also very durable, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Disadvantages: It is necessary to do a good job of oiling and anticorrosion. It is not suitable for long-term soaking in water or high-temperature baking, otherwise it is not conducive to the maintenance of the rattan fiber tissue, and it is easy to break. It is greatly affected by seasonal changes, and the service life is short. After a long time of use, a small amount of loose parts of the rattan may be produced.

3. Leather sofa

Leather sofas refer to seats made of leather processed from animal skins, and PU leather sofas made of artificial leather, and there are also leather sofa with metal frame to meet different needs.

Advantages: It has the functions of breathability and very good flexibility. The sofa is very comfortable to sit up and it is not easy to get dirty.

Disadvantages: After the leather sofa is used for a period of time, the internal grease will evaporate and become hard, so it needs maintenance.

4. Solid wood sofa

The solid wood sofas on the market are basically made of synthetic boards, some of which are solid wood boards, but generally the smell emitted by the wood itself is relatively large and needs to be deodorized.

Therefore, when choosing a sofa in the living room, you should consider whether it is environmentally friendly or not, because now the most formaldehyde pollution in the home comes from the board.

Advantages: There are many colors of solid wood sofas, ranging from deep to light colors. Most of them reflect the antique style. The wood is heavy and the quality is good. The wood is hard and wear-resistant.

Disadvantages: The material is heavy, not easy to handle, and the material is hard, the processing is difficult, and it is prone to cracking. The material is relatively greasy, and it is easy to leak oil under high temperature. In addition, the wood has a large water content, and the solid wood sofa is easily deformed when placed in a damp place.