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Custom Black Pu Leather Eronomic Gaming Chair Bulk For Sale

Ergonomic pu all black gaming chair, made of high-quality PU leather, with air vent, allows air to circulate freely and keeps the back cool and dry even when working or playing for a long time in the genuine leather gaming chair. High density plastic memory cotton, longer service life. PU leather gaming chair with metal base, solid and stable. The steel frame of genuine leather gaming chair is thick and has strong bearing capacity. 5 star silent wheeled base for fast movement on any surface.

Adjustable height gaming chair pu leather, 90 to 155 degrees tilt, 15 degrees swing; Upgrade 4D adjustable handrails; Detachable headrest and adjustable waist support.

Wholesale Gaming Chair Specification

Dimension of gaming chair pu leather wholesale
Over  size(mm):70.5*60*131-137Seat size(mm):46*52
Back   size(mm):85*57Seat height(mm):52.5-58.5
Radius of the   base(mm):350G.W/N.W:19.9/ 21.9KGS

Details of gaming chair pu leather wholesale
Back   material:Synthetic leatherseat material:Synthetic leather
Frame   material:metalcolor:black
Function:armrest movable, seat height adjustableMOQ:100pcs
Delivery   date:30daysPackaging:Brown carton (1pc)
Installation:Please strictly follow the instructions for installation of all black gaming chair

Why choose PU leather gaming chair?

Gaming chair racing ergonomic recliner office computer desk seat swive will add warmth, depth and elegance to your space. All black gaming chair can be a neutral feature that can be used to add texture to your outdoor space and bring a comfortable gaming experience. PU (Poly) synthetic leather is an artificial material that represents the look and feel of real leather, made of two layers of leather (the remaining fiber part of the leather), then coated with a layer of polyurethane (PU) and then coated on the surface of genuine leather gaming chair.

Gaming chair racing ergonomic recliner office computer desk seat swive can have a more glossy appearance, usually much thicker than real leather. Pu leather gaming chair has a real leather appearance, most of which is waterproof and easy to clean or maintain. Gaming chair pu leather material is the best choice, not much different from real leather in appearance, the cost is about half of the real leather products, all black gaming chair and brown leather gaming chair are very simple choices, its price is cheaper, the utilization rate is high. The gaming chair ergonomic pu process is unique, the quality is stable, and the appearance design of gaming chair ergonomic pu is novel. We can provide pu leather gaming chair and other gaming chair wholesale according to your needs, such as glowing gaming chair.

Genuine leather vs fabric office chair

PU leather gaming chair

Gaming chair ergonomic pu as an interior decoration has become the choice of more and more game enthusiasts, such as brown leather gaming chair and all black gaming chair is stylish, beautiful, comfortable, because the smooth, textured leather is stacked on top of the game chair. Leather gaming chair is one of the best game chairs in the material. Gaming chair pu leather is easy to clean, while cloth is much more difficult. Gaming chair pu leather is more expensive than cloth chairs. PU leather is synthetic, and genuine leather gaming chair imitates real leather very well in texture and strength. However, its cost is only a fraction of that of real leather.

Fabric computer chair

The difference between the PU leather gaming chair and the cloth game chair is obvious. Leather gaming chair absorbs heat, while cloth chairs have more air circulation. Fabric chairs are made of synthetic fiber, fabric game chairs are not common, they are characterized by breathable, soft, is a very comfortable chair material. Fabric computer chair is made of synthetic fibers, including nylon, polyester or similar materials. Fabric game chairs are not common, and the texture and printing quality vary from material to material, but one thing fabric computer chair can't achieve is the surface treatment of brown leather gaming chair, which is much like polyurethane leather in game furniture.


Custom Blcak PU Leather Eronomic Gaming Chair Design

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Why Choose Black Pu Leather Eronomic Gaming Chair Manufacturer from China?

Black PU Leather Eronomic Gaming Chair Features

Black PU Leather Eronomic Gaming Chair Features

Suit your style: tilt, swing or spin, adjust as you like. Durable: Complete metal frame and heavy wheelbase. Class 4 hydraulic piston (maximum capacity :350 LB).

Comfortable design :180 degrees full tilt mechanism. Retractable footrest, adjustable armrest, large seat cushion. Free neck pillow and USB driven lumbar massage pillow.

Are Blcak PU Leather Eronomic Gaming Chairs Better?

Depending on your choice, simple design style is more suitable for home and office style. You can choose to have adjustable head and waist pillows, as well as cushioned armrests, which provide all-round comfort. The adjustable headrest and waist pillow provide good support for the body, and the wider armrest has an ergonomic shape that provides luxury and comfort, whether used for intense gaming sessions and climbing to the top of the leaderboard, or for long hours at work. If you sit for long periods of time, you need this chair to boost circulation and bring dreamy comfort.

Are Blcak PU Leather Eronomic Gaming Chairs Better?

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