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Multifunctional: a set of massage sofa and a recliner. You can choose the automatic function to enjoy pre-programmed information, or choose the manual function to enjoy various massages. It has 5 function modes: Pulse, Press, Wave, Auto, Normal and 2 intensity levels: High and Low.

Heating function and 10-point massage: The recliner has a 10-point massage function: 6 points for the back and waist, 2 points for the thighs, and 2 points for the legs. And heating to enhance the massage effect.

Comfortable experience: Put your body in a thick and soft foam sponge, put your feet on the footstool, and then use gravity to adjust the angle of the backrest, so you can find the most suitable way for you, maybe you can lie on this On the massager (up to 145 degrees).

Designed for lazy people: you don't have to get off the chair halfway. Just press the button on the remote control to start or stop the massage, change the massage mode and function, and adjust the massage area.


Custom PU Leather Sofa Design

Pu Leather Couch
Pu Leather Futon
Pu Leather Lounge
Pu Leather Sofa Set

Why Choose PU Leather Sofa Manufacturer from China?

Features Of PU Leather Sofa

Features Of PU Leather Sofa

Automatic function to enjoy pre-programmed massages, or manual function to enjoy various massages

2 intensity levels and 5 functional modes

10-point massage: 6 in back and lumbar, 2 in the thigh, and 2 in the leg

Heating function enhancing the massage effect

Thick foam sponge for a soft and comfortable experience

Are PU Leather Sofa Better?

We have many colors for you to choose from, there is no limit here. At the same time, it can customize the chair you want according to your needs.

Are PU Leather Sofa Better?

We are the professional furniture manufacturer you are looking for. 

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