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Custom Black Reclining Seat Office Chairs Bulk For Sale

Ergonomically designed leather office chairs with soft cushions and backrest reduce pressure on your neck and hips, making you feel comfortable and pain-free when you sit in the chair. The comfortable reclining office chair is adjustable in height and can be rotated. He can move anywhere. High quality wheels do not harm the bottom plate. The wheels we use are PU, so they are very safe. Our factory has professional quality inspectors to ensure that chairs are of high quality and healthy.

Black Office Chairs Wholesale

Over size (mm):D62*W63*H98-108Seat size (mm)W53*D53
Back size (mm):W58*H58Seat height (mm)45-55
Radius of the base (mm) (mm):300

Back material:meshSeat material:mesh
Frame material:ppColor:black
Function:armrest movableMOQ:100pcs
Delivery date:30 daysPackaging:Brown carton (1pc)
Installation:Please strictly follow the instructions for installation

Black Reclining Seat Office Chairs

Custom Black Reclining Seat Office Chairs Design

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Mesh Office Chair
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Mesh Black Chair

Why Choose Black Reclining Seat Office Chairs Manufacturer from China?

Features Of Black Reclining Seat Office Chairs

Features Of Black Reclining Seat Office Chairs

First, the high back reclining office chair is ergonomically designed to reduce pain. Secondly, we can design according to your requirements and add your logo or label on the chair. Thirdly, the breathable leather makes you feel more comfortable, when you sit on this chair for a long time, you won't feel hot and stuffy. Finally, our prices are very affordable and you can easily buy our chairs

Are Black Reclining Seat Office Chairsr Better?

We have a wide range of products. You can choose whichever style you like. If you want to work better, I think ergonomic office chair is more suitable for you, of course, you can add other functions to it, such as massage, it will be more effective to let you relax when working.

Are Black Reclining Seat Office Chairsr Better?

We are the professional furniture manufacturer you are looking for. 

Looking forward to work with you!

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