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What Kind of Office Chair is More Comfortable to Sit On?

Do you have this kind of confusion that you will feel back pain when sitting in front of the computer? Then it is very likely that the office chair is to blame.

The choice of office furniture is very important, especially the office chair. If you choose the wrong specification of the office chair, how can you sit comfortably? Let's take a look at what the best specification of the office chair is, so that we can sit on it comfortably!

Hencghang provides office chair wholesale for many industries. Office chairs are comfortable to sit on. The most important point is to conform to ergonomics in order to enable us to sit comfortably. So how does it conform to ergonomics? It is mainly judged by the following five aspects:

Ⅰ. Sitting height of the office chair

The sitting height of a comfortable office chair should be appropriate so that the thighs should be kept horizontal, the calves should be vertical, and the feet should be placed flat on the ground. Too high or too low height will cause physical fatigue. The appropriate sitting height of the office chair is the height of the calf socket to the sole of the foot, plus the thickness of the heel of 25 to 35mm and then minus the movement margin of 10 to 20mm.

Ⅱ. Sitting depth of the office chair

The sitting depth of the office chair should be between 380mm and 420mm, which is ergonomic, so that people will not get tired after sitting for a long time. There is a certain space for the calf to move, so that users will not be numb and difficult to stand up.

Ⅲ. Sitting width of the office chair

The sitting width of a standard office chair is not less than 380mm. For a chair with armrests, the support of the arm should be considered, and an appropriate margin should be added according to the average shoulder width of the human body. Generally, the sitting width of an office chair is not less than 460mm, but it should not be too large and the shoulder width of the comfortable posture of the natural hanging arm shall prevail.

Ⅳ. Back of the office chair

The function of the chair back is to fully support the body, especially the lumbar spine of the human body can obtain a comfortable support surface. Therefore, the shape of the back of the chair basically matches the shape of the spine when the human body is sitting, and the height of the back of the office chair is generally not higher than the scapula.

Ⅴ. Armrest of the office chair

In addition, professionals mentioned that the height of the armrests of office chairs will also affect the comfort of people's sitting. According to the size of the human body, the vertical distance from the armrests to the sitting surface is 200 to 250mm, and the front end of the armrests of the office chairs is slightly raised. When the armrest of the office chair is too high, the arms cannot hang down naturally, and if the armrest of the office chair is too low, the elbows cannot rest naturally.

The above five aspects are the five factors for judging whether an office chair is comfortable or not. I hope it can help you when purchasing an office chair!