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Which Furniture Should You Buy for Decoration?

What are the classifications of furniture? Whether it is a home or an office space, furniture is the most important thing to make up space. There are many types of furniture. Different furniture lists can be configured according to their different needs. What are the living room furniture and bedroom furniture? The benefits of this topic are here: a complete set of furniture selections for new houses. It is easy to teach you to customize a complete set of furniture!

Living Room Furniture

Sofa: Sofa materials mainly include solid wood, fabric, leather, etc. Sofas of different materials have different advantages and disadvantages, and the prices are not consistent. Consumers can choose according to the actual situation, but the style should match the home style.

TV cabinet: A good TV cabinet can not only be used to place the TV, but also to organize small things and TV accessories, beautify the living room and add luster to the home space.

Coffee table: The coffee table can be divided into square and round types, including coffee table with sliding top storage, storage coffee table round and so on. Different shapes of coffee tables have different sizes. When purchasing, pay attention to the overall living room area, sofa, and TV cabinet area. Purchase a size that matches the area of this furniture to make the overall decoration more coordinated.

Floor lamp: The floor lamp is often used for local lighting. It does not emphasize comprehensiveness but emphasizes the convenience of movement. It is very practical for creating a corner atmosphere.

More living room furniture includes decorative cabinets, bookcases, partition racks, flower racks, porch cabinets, shoe cabinets, and mahjong machines

Bedroom Furniture

Bed: When choosing a bed, consider the material and height of the bed. The height of the bed should be about 40cm away from the ground. Pay attention to whether the bed frame is stable and strong. The gamer bedroom furniture material depends on personal preference. Make sure to sleep on the bed comfortably and securely.

Mattresses: Generally, most people are suitable for mattresses with moderate hardness, while those with a weight between 60 to 70kg are suitable for "hard" mattresses, and those with a bodyweight of more than 80kg should choose "hardened" mattresses.

Bedside table: As an indispensable part of bedroom furniture, the bedside table can be used to place various items, such as drinking glasses, mobile phones, glasses, and table lamps.

Overall wardrobe: Choose a wardrobe that is beautiful and practical, but also stylish. It can make full use of the size of the space, fit the room completely, and conform to the decoration style.