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What is an Ergonomic Office Chair?

Ⅰ. What is an ergonomic office chair?

Office chair, a familiar and common office seat. We believe that you must have a lot of mixed feelings about it, especially white-collar workers who have been working for ten hours a day. The moment they leave the chair after getting off work, the feeling of backache and back is painful.

Because of this phenomenon, ergonomic office chairs have been launched to the market to alleviate the pain of long-term deskwork for white-collar workers. So, what exactly is this ergonomic office chair?

The ergonomic office chair, just like its name, is an office chair with an ergonomic design. Imagine the ordinary office chairs we often sit on will make people feel uncomfortable, and the pain often appears in parts like the cervical spine, lower back, buttocks, and arms.

However, the ergonomic mesh office chair design fits our body according to the curves of our human head, neck, waist and back, so as to achieve the purpose of relaxing and comforting body and mind, even if sitting for a long time you won't feel so tired.

Ⅱ. How to select an ergonomic office chair design?

There are so many ergonomic office chairs on the market, both good and bad. Some businesses even sell office chairs under the banner of "ergonomic design" in order to make greater profits. So, in this case, how do we judge whether this seat is ergonomically designed?

In fact, whether an office chair conforms to the ergonomic office chair design mainly depends on whether it can achieve sedentary comfort and whether it has the characteristics of strong adjustability, suitable for people of different body types.

When we sit on a chair, the places that can be in direct contact with our body are generally the back of the chair, the armrest and the cushion. Therefore, the black leather ergonomic office chair design will be showed in the design of the three parts of the chair back, armrests and cushion.

1. Chair back: The chair back of the ergonomic office chair must conform to the S-curve design of our human body and fit the waist back curve to relieve the pressure on the spine during prolonged sitting. At the same time, the chair back must have a strong adjustment function to enable to be tilted back, and can be adjusted freely.

2. Armrest: The armrest adjustment function is good, and the adjustment functions of height, level, left and right, front and rear, inner eight, and outer eight are all equipped, while the armrest of a general office chair has no more function.

3. Cushion: The cushion needs to be designed with curved surfaces. The ergonomic office chair is filled with memory foam to support the body to disperse the pressure on the buttocks. In addition, the seat cushion must have strong adjustability, and height adjustment and front and rear adjustment are indispensable.