Zhejiang Anji Hengchang Chair Industry Co., Ltd.

After-sale Service

General conditions

1. Only products sold by the Distributor and its authorized subsidiaries are of interest.

2. Equipment is guaranteed for 90 days after the invoice date

Please indicate on the invoice.

4. Customer is responsible for delivering the Equipment at any service center, authorized by the Distributor and accompanied by a printed copy.

5. The problem must be clearly described. Equipment repairs and/or warranties with descriptions such as "not working" or "not working" are not accepted.

6. It is recommended to keep your purchase invoice as additional protection, as you can replace the warranty policy if there is any missing or discrepancy, please find it

Policy duration.

7. You can leave parts, spare parts, consumables and accessories at the nearest branch office.

8. Distributor undertakes to repair the defective Products or to replace the same or the same new Products similar (if discontinue) or to provide credit notes for the value of the Equipment at no charge to Distributor's authorized service center for diagnosis in the event that repair cannot be made due to a prior manufacturing defect.

9. The maintenance period shall not exceed 30 calendar days from the date of receipt, and the Products shall be sold in any service center authorized by the Distributor.

Exceptions and limitations:

The Distributor disclaims any liability under this warranty policy, The following occurs:

A) The warranty does not cover the following defects:

  • Voltage changes (combustion equipment).

  • Damage of cables, accessories or any part thereof.

  • When the device is proved to be misinstalled or misused According to the manual).

(b) For post-warranty services or damaged equipment for which the warranty period is not applicable,

Distributor provides:

  • Repairs shall be carried out 30-90 days prior to the quoted price authorized by the dealer

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