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The shelf is composed of wooden boards and iron frames The shelf functions are as follows: 1. It can make full use of space, improve capacity utilization, and expand storage capacity; 2. Convenient access to goods, first-in-first-out, 100% selection ability, and smooth inventory turnover; 3. the shelf items, clear, easy to inventory division, metering very important management; 4. To meet the needs of storage and centralized management of large quantities of goods and a wide variety of goods, with mechanical handling tools, it can also achieve orderly storage and handling

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Office Shelf For Different Decoration

Office Shelf For Different Decoration

  1. Moisture-proof and fireproof solid wood material. The sitting room stores content ark to make with solid wood material more, also be very good qualitative material. The solid wood material is very suitable for Europe or Classical Chinese style home decoration design style is used. 

  2. Economical material acrylic material, acrylic material than ceramic material toughness is good. Home is also the first choice. Hardness is strong and the surface has a very good high light performance because the production process of acrylic material is fine and complex.

  3. Strong and durable steel. The sitting room of steel stores content ark to suit the youth that pursues fashion very much, also be a lot of people like. The size of steel storage cupboard is generally larger after modern design home decor style is widely used in the storage of this kind of steel.

Why Choose Hengchang Office Shelf?

We are a professional factory, for more than 20 years we are engaged in the production of furniture, we have advanced equipment, professional design team, we can customize your chair, it can have your idea. At the same time, the materials we use are safe and of high quality. Our price is very reasonable and we can also provide after-sales service.

Why Choose Hengchang Office Shelf?

FAQs Of Office Shelf


How To Choose An Office Shelf?


First of all, you need to find a different style of office shelf, choose the right way to decorate, at the same time, you can also consider its material, such as metal, wood and so on. Secondly, you need to consider its price, if it is very expensive for you, you can choose another. 
Finally, and most importantly, good quality, our products are of great quality, of course, if you don't find what you need. You can contact us.


Are Expensive Office Desk Worth It?


office shelf is the furniture we cannot lack in life, so we all know it is very important, it can help us to solve a lot of trouble in housework. I don't think it is necessary to buy expensive Living room shelves, because we often use them to store items. However, if you want to decorate with a gorgeous style, I think it is better to buy expensive ones. 

We are the professional furniture manufacturer you are looking for. 

Looking forward to work with you!

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