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Custom LED Light Gaming Chair Bulk For Sale

Hengchang glowing gaming chair is popular in the market, LED light strips are installed on both sides of the back of the game chair. Light bar can show different combinations, high-quality PU leather, waterproof, breathable, easy to clean, durable. High thickness sponge, high elasticity, more comfortable, away from fatigue. Quiet PU wheel, protect the floor, turn flexibly 90 to 150° recliner, with locking function, can adjust the height according to your needs. Light up game chair is the ideal choice for work, play, study and rest.

Specification/Options of Wholesale LED Light Gaming Chair

Dimension of light up game chair
Over  size(mm):71*61*122.5-130cmSeat size(mm):58.5*55cm
Back   size(mm):56.5*80.5cmSeat height(mm):43.5-51cm
Radius of the   base(mm):350G.W/N.W:19.9/ 21.9KGS
Details of light up game chair
Back   material:Synthetic leatherseat material:Synthetic leather
Frame   material:metalcolor:black
Function:armrest movable, seat height adjustable, led   lightMOQ:100pcs
Delivery   date:30daysPackaging:Brown carton (1pc)
Installation:Please strictly follow the instructions for installation

How to choose a suitable light up game chair?

When it comes to game chairs and office chairs, it's hard to determine the best choice, especially if you're not sure the difference between a game chair and an office chair. Generally speaking, when it comes to office chairs and gaming chair with lights and massage, office chairs are more suitable for improving work efficiency and pay more attention to strict ergonomic support rather than comfort. Rgb light gaming chair is also designed for ergonomic support, although glowing gaming chair tends to give priority to comfort, which is expected by a product designed to make it more interesting and entertaining.

Led gaming chairs is designed for entertainment. When you decide to buy an led lights for gaming chair instead of an office chair, the gaming chair rgb led you choose can make it more comfortable to play games for hours at a time. The function of the gamer chair with led lights is roughly the same as that of a standard office chair, but the gaming chairs that light up usually has adjustable armrests, cushioned headrest, adjustable waist support pads, and even a complete tilt. Depending on the led massage gaming chair, these light up game chair can be tilted, wobbled, and sometimes tilted, so you can find the best place to play your favorite game. Led rgb gaming chair combines the unique attributes of e-sports, such as led bluetooth gaming chair, on the basis of ergonomic chairs.


Custom LED Light Gaming Chair Design

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Why Choose LED Light Gaming Chair Manufacturer from China?

Features of LED Light Gaming Chair

Features of LED Light Gaming Chair

RGB light and remote control different light effects. USB cable with cable guide under the seat where you store your mobile power supply

Ergonomically designed game racing chair: head, spine and waist with three points of support, movable headrest and waist pad.

Multi-function :360 degree rotation, adjustable backrest, safety Angle 90°-135°, 4 class gas lift. Advanced rolling casters, keep quiet, no scratches on the floor.

PU leather, durable, prolong the service life of leather, so that the chair has a soft and soothing feeling.

Are LED light gaming chairs Better?

Many teenagers like games, so a good atmosphere will increase the game experience, gaming chairs that light up can bring you a more perfect game experience, it can be adjusted, choose the light you like, use a computer to power led lights, very convenient

Are LED light gaming chairs Better?

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