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Which Materials Are More Suitable for Custom Office Furniture?

According to a large number of research data, the materials used for custom office furniture have become more and more abundant in recent years. The raw materials used to make office furniture range from solid wood boards to particle boards. The different applications of these materials greatly change the function and function of the finished furniture.

The raw materials used in quality-assured office furniture are the best of the best, so which materials are more suitable for custom office furniture?

Ⅰ. Solid wood board is suitable for custom office furniture

Many government personnel and business leaders especially like to choose solid wood panels as raw materials when custom office furniture, because the complete solid wood panels are very durable and the surface texture is very clear.

Nowadays, with the deepening of international exchanges, more and more solid wood office furniture is exported to Australia, the United States, Canada and other countries by sea.

Ⅱ. Plywood is suitable for custom office furniture

The most commonly used board in office furniture today is plywood, and the plywood can be hot-pressed with veneer or multi-layer board according to the size of custom office furniture.

Because the hot-pressing process is relatively simple, the office furniture factory can quickly integrate plywood of different specifications, such as 3 pcs, 5 pcs, and 9 pcs, through a hot press. Therefore, plywood is widely used in furniture customization because of its short production time and simple process.

Ⅲ.  Fireproof board is suitable for custom office furniture

Nowadays, with the gradual improvement of people's awareness of fire prevention, more and more people have begun to choose fireproof boards as raw materials for customizing office furniture.

Fireproof board is a new type of refractory decorative board. It is mainly made of calcium material and is mixed with fiber materials, adhesives and various chemical additives in a certain proportion. The office furniture made of this type of fireproof board has better fire resistance than raw materials such as particleboard and resin board.

In recent years, research has shown that more and more materials can be used for custom office furniture. These raw materials have their own characteristics, thus attracting more and more people to choose customized office furniture with favorable prices and good quality. Customized furniture can choose solid wood board, plywood, fire board and other different raw materials according to the preferences of the customizer.

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