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Custom Wooden Wall Shelves Living Room Bulk For Sale

Easy to assemble: Comes with four metal brackets, two plates, screws and wall anchors. It can be installed easily and easily in a few minutes.

Space saving and no clutter: each layer is independent, you can assemble them in compact or separate conditions. It is also an ideal help for small spaces where there are a lot of things to display, keeping your items in place.

Organize your house easily: The floating shelf design, wall-mounted towel rails and hooks create extra storage space to organize your belongings.


Custom Wooden Wall Shelves Living Room Design

Floating Wood Shelves Living Room
Wooden Racks For Living Room
Wooden Wall Shelves For Living Room

Why Choose Wooden Wall Shelves Living Room Manufacturer from China?

Features Of Wooden Wall Shelves Living Room

Features Of Wooden Wall Shelves Living Room

Make effective use of your empty walls and create storage solutions without taking up any valuable floor space, saving more space in your room. Rustic wooden shelves are suitable for almost all decorations, very suitable for your kitchen, closet, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom or office. Very versatile.

Are wooden wall shelves living room Better?

Save space and have a wide range of uses, we can customize the product according to your needs.

Are wooden wall shelves living room Better?

We are the professional furniture manufacturer you are looking for. 

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