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1. Aesthetic gaming chair design: racing style, brilliant color matching, and simple lines. 2. Ergonomic gaming chair design: wrapped backrest designed for reducing body's involuntary swing during playing games, fits the human body, and creates an immersive gaming experience. 3. Function gaming chair design: race-car style chair provides luxury and comfort, which meet with officer and Esports player. 4. Comfortable seating gaming chair design: soft and elastic sponge cushion for relieving leg pressure. 5. Gaming chair design: e-sports seats, referred to as the gaming chair. Among them, e-sports is an activity in which electronic game competitions reach the "competitive" level. E-sports is the use of electronic devices carried as sports equipment, intelligence between people against the movement. 6. Gaming chair material ergonomic, user-friendly operation and experience, as some games require a high degree of effort put into the user and remain seated for a long time, gaming c

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Gaming Chair For Back Pain

Gaming Chair For Back Pain

For the e-sports chair, the most important is lumbar neck support. The e-sports chair uses a customized waist pillow and head pillow, especially the office people who need to support the waist, this waist pillow will make users feel very comfortable when sitting on the chair, and the experience of relying on the waist will relieve the weak psoas of users. In addition, a headrest can help relieve pressure on the cervical spine and is an effective way to lift the neck when the whole upper body is leaning against the chair, avoiding the habit of bowing. Importantly, both the waist and head pillows are designed to be adjustable and can be well adapted to different users' high needs to bring the most comfortable experience. A comfortable cushion is the most important feature of the chair. The e-sports chair uses a high-density qualitative sponge, so I can obviously feel the elasticity of the sponge when I sit down. At the same time, the whole cushion is very thick, and I do not feel the diaphragm on the load-bearing base.

Why Choose Hengchang Gaming Chair?

We are a professional factory, for more than 20 years we are engaged in the production of furniture, we have advanced equipment, professional design team, we can customize your chair, it can have your idea. At the same time, the materials we use are safe and of high quality. Our price is very reasonable and we can also provide after-sales service.

Why Choose Hengchang Gaming Chair?

FAQs Of Gaming Chair


How To Choose An Gaming Chair?


1. the base of the electric sports chair is mostly made of steel material, which is much stronger than the ordinary computer chair, and the bearing force is also very large. If it is replaced by nylon or other materials with insufficient five claws, the bearing force is not only poor, durability will also be reduced.

2. some electric sports chair cushion is hard, a long time will make people feel back pain, hip acid hemp. Therefore, when choosing, it is best to choose the internal filler for the sponge, the density and strength of the sponge should be larger, so the resilience is better, and the sitting feeling is more soft and comfortable.

3. E-sports chairs are generally high back, designed according to the ergonomic curve, which can share the body's gravity and more perfectly fit the body contour. In addition, the material of the back of the chair is best to choose new PU material, which is not only comfortable and breathable, but also resistant to hydrolysis.


Which Type Of Gaming Chair Is Best?

  1. Observe the cushion. The general computer chair is a sponge cushion. And good cushion cost is higher, so some businesses in order to reduce the cost of the cushion, such as reducing the thickness of the sponge, or the strength of the material are not enough. A good cushion is commonly thicker, and has a sunken arc curve, in order to adapt to the buttocks of the person. In addition, good cushion elasticity is better. If the cushion is thin, it is uncomfortable to sit on, if the cushion is thick, but there is no elasticity, the business may have used poor materials.

  2. Sitting. If the design is reasonable, the chair is generally comfortable to sit, the cushion part has good acceptance, tolerance, and will not feel uncomfortable.

  3. The back of the chair should be reliable. The back of part of the chair is relatively loose, when leaning back will make a noise, such a chair is easy to damage.

  4. Try to shake the left and right, if the overall structure of the chair is unstable, it is easy to damage.

  5. Armrest, hand tries to put on the armrest, whether the height feels comfortable. 6. Air rod, if you buy a swivel chair, try to lift the swivel chair, feel whether some of the lifting processes are smooth, if you feel dry, the quality of the air rod is not good. 7, free and easy function, some chairs have the function, try to open the free and easy function, feel. Turn the chair over and watch its hidden structure. If the parts are rough or even rusty, it is a bad product. 9. If you buy a swivel chair, check whether the wheels move smoothly. If they are dry, they belong to inferior products.


Are Expensive Gaming Chairs Worth It?


Most e-sports chairs are ergonomically designed to fit the lumbar spine of the human body and provide a reliable support for the human body. Even if you have to sit for long periods of time, you don't get tired easily. Like ordinary computer chairs, e-sports chairs are filled with sponges. But the choice of filling sponge will be more strict, put an end to the use of industrial sponge harmful to human body. Forming sponge soft and hard moderate, not easy to deformation. The air rod of an e-sports chair has always been considered as the most important presence of an e-sports chair. It tests the weight, lifting height and smoothness of the chair, which is an important factor to test the safety of an e-sports chair. Equipped with air rods, the e-sports chairs will also be equipped with explosion-proof panels to further enhance safety.

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