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Introduction to Different Types of Coffee Tables

Marble coffee table

Features of marble coffee table: Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the high temperature and high pressure inside the crust. Its appearance is magnificent and delicate, with clear and fine texture. It is often used to make various furniture and art craft, as it is not easily deformed, has high hardness, scratch resistance, long service life, and does not magnetize. The marble coffee table is exquisite in appearance, delicate in texture, and diverse in style, which can meet the needs of different people and is easy to clean and maintain during use.

Wooden coffee table

The wooden natural coffee table material creates a feeling of closeness to nature, with a mild tone and exquisite workmanship. It is suitable for matching with stable and atmospheric sofa furniture. 

Glass coffee table

There are two types of glass coffee tables. One is made of hot-bent glass that has been tempered at high temperature, which has a beautiful curved shape, and the whole body of the coffee table is made of glass. The other type has a tempered glass table top, supplemented by stylish imitation gold electroplating accessories and electrostatic spraying steel tubes, stainless steel and other bases, which are elegant, luxurious, concise and practical. Glass coffee tables are also the most diverse in shape. Generally, you only see square and rectangular coffee tables, and round coffee tables or other shapes of coffee tables are generally less common. Because of the variety of glass, coffee tables made of it are also diversified.

Rattan and bamboo coffee table

The rattan and bamboo coffee table displays a naturalistic tendency, with a calm and simple style, which is suitable for wooden or rattan sofas and should be matched with supporting furniture.

The size of the space is the basis for selecting the size and shape of the coffee table. If the space is small, an oval small coffee table is the best choice. Its soft and gentle shape makes the space appear relaxed and without a cramped feeling. If the coffee table is too large in a small space, it will obviously be inappropriate and will appear to be overwhelming. A small coffee table in a large space will appear insignificant. Generally speaking, in a relatively small living room, it is suitable to place a simple and movable coffee table or a curved coffee table, which can make the space appear relaxed and without a cramped feeling. In addition, coffee tables with excellent storage function or adjustable size are also the best choice for small spaces.