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The Factors and Environmental Protection of Office Furniture Customization

Ⅰ. What should be considered for customizing office furniture?

With the development of society, in the busy work, the demand for high-quality office life is also increasing. For many companies, office furniture is very important. On the one hand, it can establish the brand image of the company; on the other hand, it can improve the enthusiasm of employees.

Analyze the interaction between people and furniture, space and furniture. Starting from the relationship between people and office furniture, the user relationship between user behavior, emotional factors and furniture is deeply studied. People are the main body of office furniture, and people-oriented is the premise of design. Secondly, based on the relationship between space and furniture, the interaction between space and office furniture is analyzed.

The development and changes of each stage of the office space will have an impact on the design of office furniture, and office furniture will play an important role in the structure and function of the office space.

From the above two aspects, the design of new office furniture should pay special attention to the following three characteristics: the ecological characteristics of office furniture, the flexibility of office furniture and the intelligence of office furniture.

First, from the three aspects of material, technology, and design concept, the ecological characteristics of office furniture are analyzed, and the following problems of office furniture are mainly studied. With the escalation of the ecological crisis, the ecological awareness of human beings has been continuously improved. Protecting the environment and protecting the earth's resources is the top priority. In the design of office furniture, eco-design is not just about protecting the environment.

At the same time, there are aspects to meet people's emotional needs, focusing on the emotional interaction between furniture and people. Secondly, starting from the function and structure of office furniture, the flexibility of office furniture is analyzed, and the standardization of furniture, modularization and disassembly design is studied. Finally, the analysis of office furniture and office furniture intelligence should develop in the direction of intelligence and technology.

With the continuous development of the intelligent office environment, the system aims to form a complete intelligent space system. The intelligentization of office furniture should be realized from three aspects: application technology, humanization of technology, and office safety.

Ⅱ. How to identify the environmental protection of office furniture?

In addition to paying attention to its shape design and price, when purchasing office furniture, the environmental protection of office furniture itself is also very important. Nowadays, the office furniture market is also promoting the environmental protection banner. In such a wide market, it is inevitable that there will be unqualified office furniture.

We first look at the materials used for office furniture. If solid wood is used as the base material, the relative indoor pollution of solid wood office furniture is very small, so you can buy it with confidence. However, if wood-based panels are as the base material, you must first check whether there is a nationally recognized environmental protection mark on the furniture. If you have this mark, you can buy it with confidence.

In addition to the environmental protection signs of office furniture, you need to experience it yourself. Open the drawer or cabinet door, and smell the irritating odor with your nose. The irritating odor is caused by excessive formaldehyde, and the strong odor will make people cry. If it appears, do not purchase such office furniture.

If it has indeed been inspected by the state, and some smells are necessarily incidental to paints, adhesives, etc., such products can also be purchased.

We should not only pay attention to the price of office furniture, but also pay more attention to the craftsmanship and material of its products. First, check whether the office furniture is edge-sealed, and touch whether the edge-sealing is flat and tight.

Because the tight edge sealing will seal the formaldehyde in the board, it will not pollute the indoor air. The moisture content of the furniture should not be too high, because the furniture with too high moisture content not only has quality problems, but also increases the release rate of formaldehyde.