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Custom Brown Wooden Office Shelf Bulk For Sale

A bookshelf inspired by branches will enliven your home, and its fashion charm will catch the eye; Every time you walk into a room, your inner bookworm wants to grab a book from the shelf and relax on the couch. Each wooden shelf holds a 22-pound collection of mystery novels and romantic comedy movies you've been dying to display

Now you can have confidence in security; Includes topping-proof hardware and thickened tapping screws to provide structural stability and help prevent falls

Specification/Options Of Wholesale Brown Wooden Office Shelf

Over size (mm):D62*W63*H98-108Seat size (mm)W53*D53
Back size (mm):W58*H58Seat height (mm)45-55
Radius of the base (mm) (mm):300

Back material:meshSeat material:mesh
Frame material:ppColor:black
Function:armrest movableMOQ:100pcs
Delivery date:30 daysPackaging:Brown carton (1pc)
Installation:Please strictly follow the instructions for installation


Custom Brown Wooden Office Shelf Design

Why Choose Brown Wooden Office Shelf Manufacturer from China?

Are Brown Wooden Office Shelf Best?

Are Brown Wooden Office Shelf Best?

You can think about it in the following ways. Providing ample storage space for books and collectibles, the design gives the bookcase a stylish modern look, durable legs provide ample stability and prevent shelves, and high-quality solid wood construction ensures the longevity and durability of this bookcase

Rich maroon finish accentuates any living room, home office or bedroom

We are the professional furniture manufacturer you are looking for. 

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