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What Are the Steps for Polishing Wooden Dining Chairs?

1. Rough polishing of wooden dining chairs

Since wooden dining chairs are made of wood, there are some unavoidable burrs on the rough surfaces, which are not smooth as the polished ones.

Therefore, first of all, we need to perform a rough polishing on wooden dining chairs. It is important to note that you have to wear professional dust masks since dust will be generated during the process.

Moving with the times, many devices have been invented to make catering furniture more effective. However, the traditional process of manual polishing can be still used today since there are reasons for its existence. Manual polishing can remove all uneven or obvious edges carefully, enhancing the display of the characteristics of a wooden chair's beauty.

2. Fine polishing of wooden dining chairs

After rough polishing, simple wooden dining chairs feel 60% smoother than before. However, many small details need further fine polishing, such as corners and joints. Sandpapers of different sizes and fineness will be used to make the wooden surface smoother and convenient for further operations.

This step is a link between the previous and the next. If wooden dining chairs are not finely ground, it will cause imperfect furniture. For example, when 60-grit sandpaper cannot be finely polished, we have to replace it with 60-grit sandpaper. It requires great patience to polish, only finely ground products are qualified.

3. Water mill of wooden dining chairs

Do you think that you can paint wooden dining chairs directly after fine polishing? Although they are already very beautiful, luster and fine, water milling is required if you want to make them more delicate. Zhejiang Anji Hengchang Chair Industry Co., Ltd is a professional dining furniture manufacturer. We use the best raw materials to produce the best products for customers. Our principle is to provide our customers with high standards of service. Welcome to consult.

If you wipe the surface of wooden dining chairs carefully with a damp cloth, you will find that the uneven and hidden wood fiber burrs will be exposed under the effect of water. At this time, we can use tools to scrape all the burrs clean.

It can be seen that polishing provides woods with delicate touch feelings, rounded lines and changeable shapes. To a certain extent, finely polishing can reflect the quality of the overall manufacturing technology of the wooden furniture and the production level of the dining chair factory. Therefore, it is very important to choose a rich experienced manufacturer.