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What to Pay Attention to When Buying Dining Table?

When buying furniture for home decoration, the dining table is one of the important pieces. The dining table is a necessity for family members to eat together, and it is a commonly used furniture in our daily lives. So everyone is familiar with dining tables. When our family eats, we all eat together at the dining table, which is very warm. However, what do people generally consider when choosing a dining table? So what should you pay attention to when buying a dining table?

Matters needing attention for buying dining table

  • Grasp the space and style: Buy dining table according to the size of the dining space, and the style should be consistent with the overall space of the house.

  • Choose the shape: The shape of the dining table has a certain impact on the atmosphere of the home. The traditional Chinese concept is "round heaven and square earth", so round and square shapes are the main ones. The traditional dining table is round like a full moon, symbolizing the reunion of the whole family, intimacy, and gathering people's emotions, which can create a good atmosphere for eating. The square dining table is square and stable, symbolizing fairness and stability.

  • Choose the material: For the material, it is advisable to choose a wooden dining table that has been polished by high technology. It is both friendly and environmentally friendly, with a natural breath and benefits the body's absorption. The wooden dining table can provide stable support and make people relax. The dining table is a place for the whole family to gather, eat, drink tea, and chat, so a wooden dining table with a warm atmosphere can make people closer.

Attention to details when we buy dining table

The material of the dining room table is important. It is best to buy a dining table with an easy-to-clean surface. Marble and glass materials are relatively cold and have a strong sense of art, but they can absorb the energy generated after human diet, which is not conducive to post-meal conversations for diners. Therefore, they are generally not used for dining tables. However, they can be combined with other materials to neutralize this feeling.

It is best not to use a dining table with sharp corners. It is best to choose a round or square one.

It is best not to have a direct view of the dining table. It can be covered with a screen or wallboard as a shield, or placed in a different position.

The size of the dining table should not be too large. Some people like luxurious and extravagant styles, and specifically buy large dining tables. However, the dining table should not be too large. The proportion should be coordinated and unified with the size of the dining room. An imbalanced proportion will look strange. If the dining room is not spacious but a large dining table is placed, it will also be inconvenient for entry and exit.

The height of the dining table is also related to the area of the dining table. When we buy dining table, they should first know how many people will use it, and then look at the height of the dining table. In fact, the height of the dining table is not necessarily fixed. If the number of dining users is different or the style of the dining table is different, the height of the dining table will also be different. However, when you buy a dining table, you must consider the height of the family members. If there are elderly or children in the family, the height of the dining table should not be too high.